5 ways to increase your health!

Health – A person’s mental or physical condition
Synonyms: State of health, physical state, physical health, physical shape, condition, constitution, form.

Today we’re sharing 5 quick and easy tips to increase your health!

1. Are you constantly bloated?
This is very likely your body telling you somethings not bueno!
Dairy, grains, soy, corn, sweeteners like sucralose, gum – these are all products known to cause bloat and gas – don’t think you HAVE to life with a puffy stomach – see if you feel better eating a bit less of the foods mentioned above!

2. Is your urine clear and free from scent?
You know you’re drinking enough when your basically peeing water – if you find it hard to get in your water start these 2 habits.
1: start your day with a tall glass of luke warm water and lemon to get your digestion going.
2: Fill up (or buy) a 2L bottle and make sure to finish it before you go to sleep!
– Remember to drink extra when you’re working out!

3. Are you getting your 8 hours?
A lot of people have trouble sleeping these days, here’s some tips that might help you.-Turn off your phone an hour before you go to sleep, facebook will be fine without you – and you can answer those emails tomorrow!
-Go for a walk to unwind/empty your head, the air will do you good!
-Take a hot bath or shower to fully relax your body.
-Read a book instead of watching tv.
-Is your room dark enough? Think about investing in a sleeping mask and earplugs!

4. Greens! Broccoli, spinach, green beans, kale, brussel sprouts – if your not having these little beauties on the daily, make sure you start now.

5. Are you getting up your heart rate?
It doesn’t necesarily have to be in the gym. Go for a run,  play some tennis, go for a cycle – even 10 shorts sprints will make you feel better! Set yourself the goal of sweating most days of the week, i promise you’ll reap the benefits instantly!



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